Recent Bathroom Renovation

CWPCC recently completed an entire bathroom renovation. The renovation was on an original builder’s grade bathroom. Builder’s shortcuts all over!!! CWPCC managed the entire project using high quality labor and achieved the client’s goal to freshen up the space while working within the constraint of the client’s budget. The client was estatic when she arrived home to see her new bathroom.

We started the process by removing all of the white tile and the fixtures. Inside the shower was gutted, all of the tile on the wall and floor was removed as well as the bench seat. Additional plumbing was added to the shower to accommodate the additional fixtures the client requested. The existing tub was in good condition so the homeowner decided rather than to replace it, just to retile the surround and CWPCC added custom touches to her design by adding chair rail and diagonal tile on the facade of the tub. The client chose to use large 20×20 tiles for the floor which created a more open feel to the room. The floor was finished off with matching tile base moulding. All of the existing builder’s grade lighting fixtures were replaced in the room with fixtures that complimented the room’s design. Final touches included a fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim, new door hardware at the french doors, and frameless glass shower door.

The client was prepared to completely replace the cabinetry in the bathroom as well. After careful inspection, it was recommended by CWPCC to reuse the existing shell of cabinetry and only add new doors and drawer fronts as well as a finished end panel. Not only was the cabinetry in good condition but it would be a savings to the homeowner that she would be able to spend elsewhere in the bathroom. In addition to using the existing cabinetry, CWPCC was able to add a 3 drawer vanity cabinet into a void that was otherwise useless and create a significant amount of storage space. (See before photo) Above the vanity the homeowner requested not to have full mirrors on the wall which is a common practice in a standard builder’s grade home. However, she did not want to try to find mirrors that worked with her fixtures and size limitations. CWPCC was able to accommodate her by building custom mirrors finished to match the cabinet doors and fronts. We created the mirrors by setting a 1/8″ mirror inside the same style recessed panel door to create the custom mirror look that she was looking for.

Overall the client was very pleased with our work and our cleanliness on the job.

Check out the before and after photos to really appreciate the dramatic change in this space.

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